Types of Common Areas of a Building

Once you leave the confines of your apartment, you step onto the common areas. These include the lobby, hallway, elevators, parking lot, laundry, etc. Don't underestimate the value and importance of reviewing them when buying an apartment.

Here, experts from Ebbets Field Apartments, a housing complex located in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, will introduce you to what common areas are and what types a building usually has.

What are the common areas?

Common areas are those places in a building or a housing complex, available to all owners and tenants. They belong to all owners equally. Also, all residents have to pay a fee for the maintenance of these areas.
Ebbets Field Apartments housing experts share some examples of common areas: elevators, car and bicycle parking, hallways, swimming pool, barbecue area, playground areas, laundry, co-working area, gym, rooftop, etc. The type, quality and finishes of these depend on the real estate that builds them. Ebbets Field Apartments has a number of common areas, which include children’s playgrounds, onsite parking garages, state of the art laundry rooms, elevator, and courtyard.

Types of common areas

Currently, buildings and housing complexes have an infinity of common areas. These vary depending on the area where the building is located or its value. Here are some of the most common:

1. Lobby

First impressions are important. Therefore, Ebbets Field Apartments experts indicate that you should be aware of how the the lobby looks like, when looking for apartments. It will tell you a lot about the building and what you can expect from it.
If the lobby is not clean and well cared for, if the lock on the front door of the building are not secure, and if it is not well lit, you should look for another option.

2. Elevator

Elevators in residential buildings should be relatively modern, large, clean, and well-lit, as you will most likely use them every day. Ebbets Field Apartments advise you to check the date of the maintenance certificate, which should be displayed on the elevator to make sure it is up to date.

3. Parking

If you have a car or a bicycle, you should check if the building has parking for both types of vehicles. In addition, there must be adequate lighting for security and surveillance. If it's an underground parking lot, make sure you know how far you'll have to walk to get to the entrance of the building. Also, you should check if the entrance is closed and secure. Ebbets Field Apartments housing complex has onsite parking garages. You can see photos of the complex here.

4. Laundry

Some buildings, such as Ebbets Field Apartments housing complex, have their own laundries. In this place, there should be a good amount of lighting and enough washing machines to cope with the needs of all the neighbors in the building.

5. Pool

The pools are also part of the common areas. Some buildings have a swimming pool, so that owners can relax and spend some quality time in the comfort of their home.

Most of the swimming pools are generally located on the top floor of the building (on the roof) in order to enjoy the panoramic view of the city. Without a doubt, it is a great attraction when looking for new apartments.
Now you know what amenities you should look for, when searching for an apartment. You can pay a visit to Ebbets Field Apartments and check their units, which include large studios and 1, 2, and 3 bedroom apartments. For more information, you can follow them on Twitter.